Monday, November 5, 2012

"Elwin Marmion" Poem from "Lyrics For Living" by Jack Thompson

This is just an excerpt from a lengthy poem worth reading in "Lyrics For Living."  It deals with how a king of long ago demanded all in his kingdom, as well as neighboring kings, to turn over their gold to him.  If they refused, he would send in his soldiers and take it by force.

"The Mercians up north would not bear such a sting,
So they sent out an elder to speak to the king;
When the king took his head, insulting their pride,
It was time to let metal on metal decide."


"Elwin wasn't the strongest of his Marmion clan;
He stood half a head shorter than an average man;
Yet his heart was big and his will iron strong;
When the call came for battle, they took him along."

From "Lyrics for Living" by Jack Thompson)

Artwork "The Tree of Life" by Elan Vital

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