Monday, November 26, 2012

"A Christmas Poem From A Dog"

"A Christmas Poem From A Dog"

Eyeing hydrants, digging holes,
Drinking from the toilet bowls.

Playing games of "tug-o-war,"
Putting scratch marks on your door.

Rolling over, playing dead,
Getting dog hair in your bed.

Scaring folks who bring the mail,
Chasing cars, as well as tail.

Barking, begging, heeling, howling,
And also on occasion, growling.

Romping through a field of grass,
Sneezing, snoozing, passing gas.

Sniffing everything I see,
Peeing on the Christmas tree.

Woofing, wagging, chomping, chewing...
These are things I sure love to do!

(But, I'll try not to do that Christmas tree thing...)

(From Northern Calif Dach Club "Teckel Teller" as
sent in by Cindi Todd, Dec 1998)

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